Acid Mint Flower
Acid Mint Flower

Acid Mint Flower
Type Natural/Plant
Transparency Yes
Tool Any Tool
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable Yes
Effect Poison
Rarity Common

Acid Mint Flowers are naturally occurring Plants that can only be found in the Caramel Forest biome in the CandyLands.


Acid Mint Flowers can be instantly broken with any item or tool. Acid Mint Flowers will also be broken if water is poured over them or a Piston extends into their occupying space or pushes a block into them.

Natural generation

Acid Mint Flowers naturally generate on Pudding blocks, and lack of light will not displace them unlike Mushrooms.


The Acid Mint Flower can be found in the Caramel Forest Biome. It looks like a Fraise tagada flower, but it is Lime Green and emits Poison fumes.

2015-08-21 20.48.06

Acid Mint Flower expending some poison fumes.


If one gets close enough to take a whiff of it, he shall be poisoned with the Poison II effect for about 7 seconds, deducting 12 health points as a result.


Acid Mint Flowers can be used to keep unwanted visitors out if one plays on a Multiplayer server, as it gives the poison effect to other players.


  • Undead mobs and Spiders are unaffected by the poison fumes.


  • Initial release: Introduced